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Meet the Photographer

I’ve been all over the world with a camera in my hand and there’s no subject I enjoy capturing more than people. Portrait photography became a passion for me before I realized what was happening. There’s something incredible about getting to know my subjects, capturing them in my frame and showing them how uniquely magnificent they are! 


My desire is to help and encourage you to forget whatever “flaws” or “imperfections” that may be potentially holding you back from owning your power. My desire is to photograph and capture the true and authentic version of you. 


Our goal together is to connect the viewer of your portraits to the version of you alive and empowered in that moment in time; be it potential customers of your brand, company, significant other, your children or your future great-great-great grandchildren. 


I grew up with small beginnings in Long Beach, California and found myself traveling the world as an active-duty enlisted Sailor in the United States Navy. I now find myself living a beautiful life with my ever growing family in San Diego, California. I’m the Mother of a vivacious little boy, the wife of a wonderful active-duty Navy Sailor, and the accidental “dog mom” to 3 affectionate rescues.  


I’ve photographed breathtakingly majestic scenes and unimaginable tragedies. I’ve experienced moments people dream of and lived through nearly unbearable heartbreak. Along the way, I realized that life truly is precious and absolutely ever changing. Most importantly, I’ve realized life, in this moment, is important enough to capture during the journey and evolution. 


It’s my greatest pleasure capturing individual personalities, culture, lifestyles, brands, children or whomever it is in this very moment. 


You are worthy of being photographed and remembered. Please feel free to contact me to begin turning your vision into a reality. 

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